This page contains important information for preparing for your newborn photo session in your home.

Booking your session:

Let us know as far in advance as possible when your due date is so we are able to ensure there is availability around that time. Of course we all know babies come when they are ready but it is always nice to have an idea. Give us a call when baby arrives and we can schedule a day and time. It is very important to schedule your session within the first 10 days as baby is much more sleepy and getting those adorable posed sleeping baby shots is much easier. 


The majority of newborn sessions take place in your home. All of the equipment used for the session is brought along and includes a newborn poser with backdrop, various blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, some baskets and boxes and a large backdrop for family shots.  If you have chosen the baby basics package for your session the props and such will be left behind and the session will focus on baby and family without any posed shots.  And fear not about the state of your home. As a mother of 3 with 2 jobs I know all too well that kids make messes and sometimes there are more important things to do than clean...especially when you have a newborn! Baby is the focus of the session and most shots are nice and close so the surroundings are not a part of the shot.  Not much room is required for the session though sometimes a little furniture moving is required. 

Light and heat:

d&b Newborn sessions are done in natural light. We ask that you open all of your blinds and curtains so the most appropriate location for set up can be determined.  I love to use windows for a nice airy backlight or to give a dramatic look to the photo.

A warm environment is probably one of the most important elements of a successful shoot. About 30 mins before the start of the session crank that heat up. Newborns are used to being cozy and warm so when we want tog et those adorable naked baby shots they can get a little uncomfortable if the room is not nice and toasty. If us adults are sweating a bit, then things are just right for baby.  A small space heater is also part of the equipment  brought along in case we need a bit of extra warmth. 

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What to wear:

For baby, loosen baby's diaper and clothing prior to the session to let any pressure marks dissipate.  Most newborn session have baby naked most of the time or wrapped but if you like the look of a nice crisp white onsie or some other favourite item of clothing feel free to have those out and ready.  

For Moms, recommended clothing choices might include a plain camisole or tank top, or a plain knit shirt. Avoid bright patterns or any logos or writing. Skin to skin shots are always lovely and will be done with discretion and taste. Feel free to treat yourself to a trip to the hairdresser (or have them come to you)  or have your make up done, you certainly deserve it. 

For Dads we recommend short or long sleeve knits, plain colours, no logos or writing.  Plain tank tops can work well and again there isn't much sweeter than a tender skin to skin moment between a father and his newborn.

Siblings and Grandparents are always welcome too and the clothing suggestions above can apply to them as well.

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Some other important things to consider:

We recommend feeding baby just prior to the session. Of course breaks for baby to eat or be comforted at any time are expected.  

Rarely does a session go by without baby peeing or pooping on someone or something and this is nothing to worry about. All of our blankets and props are washable. 

Keeping the room calm and quiet is very helpful. White noise is sometimes used to help baby settle and stay settled. 

If siblings are going to be included in the session consider having them come in at either the beginning or the ending and having someone else there to watch them in a different area at other times. This helps to keep the session calm and quiet and keep baby settled.

If you have any special blankets or props that you would like included in the photos please have them out and ready.

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Last but not least it is important that these sessions are enjoyable. Your newborn is going to change and grow so quickly that capturing the newness of these first days is worth working for.  Babies can be unpredictable in their first week of life, especially when someone new comes around and is trying to pose them and rearrange them. You may be worried that they are not cooperating and that I won't  get any good shots. Patience is key and baby will always take the lead. We can take our time and feed and change and cuddle baby as much as needed.  Even if baby doesn't decide to sleep, a wakeful wide eyed baby is still beautiful.

Looking forward to meeting all those new babies! 


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